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Written By: andrew - Jun• 18•11

After a few years of owning smart phones I have come to the following conclusions. If you want a phone that has nearly everything a computer does and will hook up to your computer and sync files / photo’s and be stable; choose an Android phone.

I started with the HTC Snap which I do not recommend. Its fine for typical email and internet use but it does not support Flash which is essential these days. It runs the Windows platform and has quirks just as your Windows Computer.

The HTC Touch Pro 2 was my next step and was a fairly good phone. I despised how you have to hold it to talk and hope you do not cut off the other person by touching something on the screen with your cheek. Flash was also a difficult task considering you had to run Skyfire as your browser “if” it would work. It needs constant rebooting and will drive a person nuts if your a power user.

Now I am using the HTC Desire and am actually enjoying it. My brother has the HTC Incredible (more memory by far) and he loves it. both are running Android with Froyo 2.2. These phones are by far superior to a Windows phone in my view. Even the simplest things work better, smoother, and faster. With Android you have more Apps than you can use available. You can actually take a call without worrying about your cheek ending the call or doing crazy things. Wifi hotspot is built in and do not have to buy extras such as WMWifi Router to get Wifi to your computer. You can “root” your phone and do nearly anything you want with it along with backing up the entire phone, not just your contacts and pictures. Everything is fast and actually preforms like it should.

Buying a smart phone can really boost your ability to stay on the go and not stay tied to your computer. If your not a power user you might want to skip the high end phones and even companies though. The plans through USCellular, Verizon, and others jump up dramatically when moving from a typical flip phone to a smart phone. If your on a budget I suggest Tracphone or something similar because a single smart phone can raise your bill 30 – 100 dollars more than a non-smart phone. Although you will not likely have the tethering or wifi option to get internet access to your computer and many other geek friendly options.

Look around and choose wisely. Make a list of what you want your phone to do for you then shop around.

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  1. andrew says:

    Thanks for the info! I saved 50 a month after reading this.

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