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Drop Box Backup – FREE

Backup to drop box easy and safe. or which is my referral link. As you know or have heard you can get free online backup services along with paid versions such as Crashplan or paying for extra space on Drop Box or other. My typical customer has 5.4 Gigabytes of data on their […]

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Smart Phones & Accessories

After a few years of owning smart phones I have come to the following conclusions. If you want a phone that has nearly everything a computer does and will hook up to your computer and sync files / photo’s and be stable; choose an Android phone. I started with the HTC Snap which I do […]

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Share your results

If your curious of your connection speed the simplest place to go is where you can check your speed with one click. I live in the country and my house is metal; therefor I do have a WI-EX Booster to get the 3g signal from USCellular inside. Todays speed 860KBPS, Zoom zoom…

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