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Software for Hard drive issues

Reference Post – Freeware for Failing Disk Recovery…9?dmode=source Running a Fast Format Recover Failing Disk Recovery Freeware…e?dmode=source This gave me a good googling head start where I found this post below on this newsgroup which lists a lot of free programs to recover from a RAW disk. Note – If this series […]

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Free Downloads for Web Building Projects

Browser Additions A Slew of Firefox Addons – Need a Firefox extension to replace your existing web development tools or to add something new to your browser? Take a look through this extensive list of webmaster related extensions. FTP Clients FileZilla – One of if not the most popular open source FTP client out there […]

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Virus Protection

Lately I have been bombarded by viruses that people have brought in on their computers. The Microsoft security 2011 virus that acts like it is protecting your system is a hard one to get off. Once your computer is infected by a virus is such as that it is hard to make it secure where […]

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