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Integrate with Google Checkout or Paypal

Written By: andrew

If you go with an e-commerce site you will need a place to accept credit cards. Google Checkout, Paypal, and many more with no monthly fee's; just a fee per transaction.


Integrate your website with Google Checkout

Before you can receive orders, you must integrate your website with Google Checkout. Choose one of the following options:

Integrate your website with Google Checkout
 Email invoices
Do you take orders via fax or phone?
Email customers a request for payment.
 Google Checkout store gadget (New! Google labs)
Easily create a store using a Google spreadsheet.
Embed in Blogger, Sites, iGoogle, and websites.
 Pre-integrated shopping carts
Using one of Checkout's integration partners?
Offer Checkout on your website in minutes.
 Buy Now buttons
Do your customers buy 1 item at a time?
Add Buy Now buttons next to single items.
 Google Checkout shopping cart
Do your customers buy more than one item at a time?
Quickly and easily add the Checkout cart to your site.
 Custom shopping carts
Integrate with either the HTML or XML API.
Choose the level of functionality your business needs.
Fees: No matter which integration option you choose, you'll be charged rates as low as
1.9% + 30¢ per transaction, and there are no monthly, setup, or gateway fees. Learn more
  Email invoices Buy Now buttons Store gadget
Checkout cart
shopping carts
Custom shopping carts
Technical skills required None Basic HTML Basic HTML None Programming skills
Time to implement Immediate <1 hour <1 hour <1 day Varies up to 4 weeks
How do you want to process payments?
Accept orders by phone/fax        
Customers buy one item at a time on your website  
Customers buy multiple items at once from your website    
Supports your shopping cart        
Supports your order processing system     * * *
What features do you need?
Specify shipping  
Specify tax
Accept coupon codes during checkout   * *
Sell digital goods
(downloadable software, pictures, etc.)
  * *