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Drop Box Backup – FREE

Written By: andrew - Nov• 05•14

Backup to drop box easy and safe. or which is my referral link.

As you know or have heard you can get free online backup services along with paid versions such as Crashplan or paying for extra space on Drop Box or other. My typical customer has 5.4 Gigabytes of data on their computer. Most online backup services give 10 Gigabytes free. If nothing else its a great place to store files and access from any other pc, laptop, phone, tablet, and other. With Andriod phones with Drop Box app installed it will auto upload any pictures taken to conserve those priceless moments.


Windows 8 upgrade

Written By: andrew - Jun• 28•14

Four Leaf Clovers for Sale

Written By: andrew - Feb• 17•13

Four Leaf Clovers For Sale at
We also sale through our online store where you can purchase small and other sizes without doing it more than once. This improvement will be a help when purchasing more than one size.

Each Four Leaf Clover was hand picked in southwest Missouri. They were pressed to preserve for a lifetime, and able to ship within 48 hours. All Four Leaf Clovers are in great condition that we sell. Whether your looking for a lucky treasure, present, or use it in jewelry we can help you find one for you. Currently we are selling them by sizes of Medium and Large Four Leaf Clovers. If you want a 5 Leaf Clover or something out of the ordinary please contact and we will see if we can help. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for shipping. Typical delivery is 3-4 days after purchase.

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