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Wireless Internet service in South Central Missouri

Written By: pagesofwisdom - Jan• 13•11

High speed internet is not hard to find within the typical city anymore but the people outside city limits are suffering with dial-up. A government grant helped start Finally Broadband which is based near Seymour Missouri. They are just a few months from going live with their Wireless Broadband which should help many people in rural areas get broadband service. For more info see the link below.

Hi speed broadband internet service throughout South Central Missouri

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You can go the route of Internet service through US Cellular, Verizon, and At&t. All have internet access through a USB Card or you can share your Smart Phones access. Currently I am using US Cellular's 3G Internet Access through my Cell Phone and my only complaints are the 5 Gig per month limit and not able to surf the web while on the phone. Considering Dial-up is 50 dollars if you include the phone line why not pay 50.00 and get an Air Card. Save your sanity if you have the money.

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